Abby Shares Her Son Jadon's Story

Jadon S. with a train set.

Our son, Jadon, was in a 3 1/2 year, advanced food allergy program, which successfully desensitized him from every food that would previously cause him to have a dangerous anaphylactic reaction. However, despite graduating from this program, he needed to go back in for his remission appointment and testing. This is important because adjustments to the patient’s food maintenance routine occur after these test results, and the doctor can see if any allergens are becoming, or are still, a threat.

Our insurance refused to cover any of this despite appeals, and this is the only program of its kind on the West Coast, so we couldn’t go elsewhere. It’s not cheap, either.

A few months before he was supposed to go back in, Covid happened. Covid flattened our small business, cancelling our busiest season (and almost everything for the next year), which is based in live music and touring. We were scrambling to save our business, our household, and trying to figure out how to get Jadon the care he needed.

And we were worried. The stress that this has put on us as his parents is great. HealthWell to the rescue!

After much anticipation, he got all of the testing and the appointment he needed. He’s progressing in his remission and was able to find out some other important medical information that will improve the effectiveness of his maintenance. There has been a weight lifted and he and his parents are so glad to be done with this part of things!

Our gratitude is large. Many, many thank-yous.

Abby S., Santa Clarita, CA

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