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Patient Eligibility

Find out if your patient is eligible for assistance.

  • Find out whether HealthWell has a Disease Fund that covers your patient’s illness and whether his/her medication is an eligible treatment for that illness.

  • To qualify for assistance, patients must have some form of health insurance such as private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare.

  • To be eligible for coverage, medications must be listed under the Disease Fund associated with the patient grant. Find out if a medication is covered by using the Medication Lookup tool below.

  • To determine eligibility, HealthWell considers a patient’s household income, the number in the household and the cost of living in the patient’s city or state. We assist individuals with incomes up to 400% to 500% of the federal poverty level. Check your patient’s income level here.

  • HealthWell can only assist individuals who are receiving treatment in the United States.

Supported Diseases

HealthWell helps with treatment for a variety of diseases and is currently accepting applications for grants from our Open Funds. We are always expanding our programs. Please be sure to check back if a disease is not currently listed among our Open Funds or submit a request for a new Disease Fund.

Disease Funds

Medication Lookup

To find out whether a medication is covered by HealthWell and for what specific diseases, please type the medication name below. The Disease Fund(s) under which the medication is covered will appear. Please note: To get coverage for a medication, it must be covered under the specific diagnosed disease for which you are applying. If you find your patient’s medication is not covered, please visit our Resource List to view other organizations that may be able to help.

How to Apply

Anyone with the patient’s express permission may apply for a grant on his or her behalf, including a health care provider, a provider’s staff or a social worker.

  1. 1.

    Before you begin, be sure to contact the company that makes the medication your patient needs. Manufacturers have generous assistance programs that exceed what most non-profit foundations can offer, particularly for commercially insured patients.

  2. 2.

    Here’s what you’ll need to complete the application:

    • Patient contact, household income and insurance information.
    • Specific disease, treatment and physician information including the office fax number.
    • Type of assistance requested — copay or premium?
  3. 3.

    When you’re ready, you have two options —

    • Apply online through the Provider Portal.
    • Apply by phone. Call (800) 675-8416.

We strongly encourage providers, advocates and social workers to use the PROVIDER PORTAL to apply so that patients can readily access our hotline care managers.





HealthWell reserves the right to change its program in its entirety or with respect to any applicant at any time with or without notice.

How HealthWell Grants Work

  • HealthWell allocates each patient a grant for a rolling 12 months, after which you or the patient may re-apply as long as funding is available. Grant amounts vary by disease state.
  • We try to keep the reimbursement process as simple as we can. Upon approval, patients receive both a HealthWell Pharmacy Card and a Reimbursement Request Form.
  • There are no restrictions on the provider or pharmacy a patient selects. Patients are free to change medications, providers or pharmacies at any time. As long as the eligibility criteria continues to be met, the status of their grant will not change.

How to Get Reimbursed

Provider Resources


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