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Other organizations that may provide copayment assistance

* Please note that this resource list is intended to serve as a reference guide only and does not indicate HealthWell’s support of any particular organization. Each of these organizations has its own criteria with regard to eligibility, including financial eligibility. HealthWell cannot determine or guarantee whether patients will be eligible for assistance from these organizations.

Product-Specific Programs

Before applying to HealthWell, we strongly encourage you to contact the manufacturer of your medication. In many cases, manufacturers offer generous copayment card or coupon-type programs that provide greater assistance than non-profit copayment foundations, especially for commercially insured patients.

Likewise, if HealthWell does not support the medication you or your patient need assistance for, you may be able to find assistance through the manufacturer.

Health Services and Health Care Reform

Additional Resources

For Caregivers

Maryland state residents: Priority Partners offers low cost/no cost health care for children, pregnant women & adults over 19