Sharon, Detroit, MI

Sharron Harris smiling.

The HealthWell Foundation literally saved my life.

I was diagnosed with lupus almost 11 years ago and it has been a struggle. The cost of medications can drain your finances and one of my medications threatened to do that a couple of years ago. I purchased health insurance but the medical portion did not cover the cost of all of my medications. I have prescriptions for four medications to mange my lupus. One of the therapies alone costs more than $1,000 per month! Needless to say, I was very concerned. If I couldn’t afford my medication, how could I continue to be healthy enough to work?

One day I received a Google alert. Within the Google alert was a story stating that HealthWell was currently accepting new patients who had been diagnosed with lupus. I quickly visited the website, got a firm understanding of the requirements and applied. To say that I was elated to learn that I was accepted into the program is an understatement.

What people sometimes fail to realize is that people with chronic conditions are dependent on prescribed therapies. The absence of these treatments means that we can potentially miss out on an enhanced quality of life. That’s a terrible notion to fathom because who doesn’t want to live their best life possible?

So I am forever grateful to HealthWell. Not only has it allowed me to maintain a career and my independence but it has also alleviated me from becoming a burden to my family. They no longer have to pinch pennies to assist me in paying for my medications. However, my greatest joy is spreading the word about HealthWell. No one should ever have to decide between purchasing their medication and putting food on their table. HealthWell makes purchasing medication possible!

The HealthWell Foundation is a lifesaver!

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