Michelle (Ayden's mom), Salem, OH

Close-up of little boy's face.

My little boy is 23 months now and since birth he has had chronic health issues. He was admitted to the NICU for 12 days after birth for aspirating my amniotic fluid, causing breathing issues from the start. At 6 months of age he became diagnosed with asthma. Medication expenses were burdening my husband and I financially, because we still had his other medical bills haunting us. At 15 months, Ayden became critically anemic, needing a blood transfusion, the anemia too made his asthma worse. For months we were at doctors appointments and seemed like every other week we were on steroid treatments to calm his flare ups down. At 20 months, Ayden was hospitalized again, this time for a bad virus, causing more medical bills and his asthma hitting rock bottom again. I knew I couldn’t afford the expenses of everything piling up and the huge expense of his inhalers, but he was my priority! I finally it took upon myself to call the maker of the drug and they guided me to HealthWell. An answer to prayer this has been! Normally my husband and I never qualify for assistance, being middle class, hard-working parents, but this time we got approved and I am truly grateful for this program!

Thank you HealthWell!