HealthWell’s Pediatric Assistance Fund Turns Five-Years Old

Imagine having a child with a chronic or life-altering illness. Then imagine learning that your health insurance isn’t adequate to cover the cost of medications or treatments to manage your child’s condition. As if the emotional burden isn’t hard enough to cope with, now you’re faced with the added financial burden that seems simply unsurmountable. Unfortunately, that is the devastating reality many families face.

We recognize that children also suffer from being underinsured. Being underinsured knows no age limit, no gender, and no race. To address this critical issue, in August 2013, we launched the HealthWell Pediatric Assistance Fund® (PAF) to provide a financial lifeline to families of children who are in desperate need of life-changing, often life-saving, medical treatments. The PAF assists children 18 years old or younger living with chronic or life-altering conditions that their families are struggling to treat due to cost.

It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since we launched the PAF. I’m so proud to let you know that since launching the fund, we have assisted over 650 families covering more than 180 disease areas. Thank you to our donors for helping us carry out this important mission to assist children in need.

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