• By Real World Health Care Editorial Staff  |  Apr 23, 2020

    Special Report: How do We Get People to Think Beyond Their Own Personal Risk?

    Does the best science always inform the best behavior change? “In times of distress, human nature drives us toward each other. After 9-11, people came together. Physical contact with the people we cared about brought comfort. Maybe that’s why the public health messages about social distancing are not always getting…more.

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  • By Real World Health Care Editorial Staff  |  Mar 23, 2020

    Special Report: Managing Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis

    By now, most Americans are familiar with the physical symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, fever, and shortness of breath. However, coronavirus fears and COVID-19 diagnoses can cause more than just respiratory illness. They can lead to a range of mental health issues as well, including isolation, anxiety and stress. According…more.

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  • By Real World Health Care Editorial Staff  |  Mar 19, 2020

    Special Report: HealthWell Launches New Fund to Assist At-Risk or Quarantined Patients with COVID-19 Costs

    Editor’s Note: Real World Health Care is pleased to share with our readers an announcement from our founding sponsor, the HealthWell Foundation, which has responded to the needs of its patient community with a new fund that promotes social distancing and provides assistance for needed services and products. We invite…more.

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