By Real World Health Care Editorial Staff  |  Mar 23, 2020

Special Report: Managing Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis

By now, most Americans are familiar with the physical symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, fever, and shortness of breath. However, coronavirus fears and COVID-19 diagnoses can cause more than just respiratory illness. They can lead to a range of mental health issues as well, including isolation, anxiety and stress.

According to experts at Mental Health America (MHA), the mental health impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis are a critical factor to consider for all people. They note that the effects linger for those who lose loved ones and for those whose anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and other serious conditions are left untreated. MHA cautions: “We will pay a price if we don’t take all of this seriously from the start.”

Mental Health Resources

Our valued partners, Mental Health America and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), have compiled a number of expert tips, along with relevant information and resources, to assist those coping with anxiety and other mental health issues relating to the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone at Real World Health Care and our founding sponsor, the HealthWell Foundation, thanks these two organizations for taking leadership roles to address the very real mental health consequences of this pandemic. Please visit the links below.

Coronavirus Anxiety – Helpful Tips and Resources, from the ADAA.

Mental Health and COVID-19 – Information and Resources, from MHA.

Financial Distress

Like with many chronic and life-altering diseases, a diagnosis of COVID-19 can cause financial stress for families—stress that may manifest itself both physically and mentally. As a testament to its commitment to placing the needs of its patient communities first and foremost, the HealthWell Foundation has opened a new fund to assist individuals who are at risk or have been quarantined due to COVID-19.

For questions regarding HealthWell’s COVID-19 Ancillary Costs Fund or to learn how to support this initiative, please email

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