• By Krista Zodet, President/CEO, HealthWell Foundation  |  Jan 10, 2024

    Hope in Health Care: A Look Ahead to 2024

    Cost pressures related to basic human rights like health care, housing, food, and safety have continued to plague many in this country during the economic rollercoaster of the post-COVID era. Just under half of U.S. adults say they have difficulty affording health care costs and have delayed or gone without…more.

  • By Linda Barlow  |  Aug 1, 2013

    Striking the Right Balance for Better Patient Outcomes

    A recent article in Health Affairs reports that ChenMed – which serves low-to-moderate income elderly patients primarily through the Medicare Advantage program – is achieving better health outcomes for Medicare-eligible seniors, including those living with five or more major and chronic health conditions.  Dozens of Chen and JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers are helping tens of thousands of seniors…more.