By Krista Zodet, President/CEO, HealthWell Foundation  |  Jan 13, 2021

Important Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

As 2021 begins and we look back on the stress and devastation the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed last year, much of the future still remains uncertain. As I write this column, COVID-19 infections and deaths are at an all-time high, especially among those with pre-existing medical conditions and those in underserved communities.

Krista Zodet, President, HealthWell Foundation

At the same time, we have hope – hope in the form of new vaccines and potential treatments, and hope that as the year progresses, we will emerge from the dark cloud we have all been living under for nearly a year.

The HealthWell Foundation, sponsor of Real World Health Care (RWHC), understands this dark cloud all too well. We know how devastating a life-altering illness can be. We see how COVID-19 and chronic medical conditions impact families’ health, incomes, education, relationships and mental well-being. Devastating impacts are all too common among the patients we assist every day, which is why we are honored to offer grants that help them afford the cost of critical, often life-saving, medical treatments.

This year RWHC will continue to support patient communities by launching a new series of articles on chronic health conditions including hepatitis C, leukemia and the rare autoimmune disease Sjögren’s Syndrome.

We will also offer trusted resources and insights to help patient communities continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic, in part by shining a spotlight on organizations and individuals supporting total patient care for chronic illnesses — conditions that don’t take time off during a pandemic.

HealthWell is proud to sponsor RWHC. Since 2013, our blog has brought you compelling content on health care issues facing Americans. From features on the people, programs and products changing the way health care is delivered, to interviews with leading researchers and clinicians, to profiles of patient advocacy organizations, RWHC has provided valuable insights and information to those interested in both the current state and future of health care.

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If you are working with an organization that supports patient communities, please let us know. We would be delighted to share your story with our subscribers. Contact us today.



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