By Real World Health Care Editorial Staff  |  Nov 15, 2023

HealthWell Foundation Launches Dedicated Web Page for Family Caregivers

Editor’s Note: November is National Family Caregivers Month, an initiative spearheaded by Caregiver Action Network, which has established the theme #CaregiversConnect for NFC Month 2023. #CaregiversConnect highlights the many ways in which caregivers connect. These can include talking with another caregiver in the waiting room at the doctor’s office and sharing experiences, connecting with a loved one’s doctor through a Zoom call, or connecting with loved ones to see how they’re doing, whether in person or virtually. Or, you may connect with someone who can point you toward helpful resources. The HealthWell Foundation is honored to offer helpful resources through its dedicated web page for Family Caregivers.


More than 50 million adults in the United States act as family caregivers for ill or elderly loved ones, providing 36 billion hours of family caregiving annually. These informal, non-paid, caregivers now have a new set of resources to help make the caregiving journey easier: the HealthWell Foundation’s new dedicated web page for Family Caregivers.

Family caregivers provide a wide variety of support and care – from occasionally checking in on a neighbor, to providing transportation and meals for a friend, to providing personal or even medical care to a family member. It can be both a significantly rewarding and a tremendously challenging experience.

Krista Zodet

Krista Zodet, HealthWell Foundation

“We connect with family caregivers regularly when they reach out to HealthWell for assistance on behalf of their loved one,” said Krista Zodet, president and CEO, HealthWell Foundation. “Whether they are new to caregiving or have been doing it for quite some time, they are hungry for information. Our new dedicated web page for family caregivers is a great starting point to access resources across the caregiving spectrum.”

On HealthWell’s new Family Caregivers web page you will find:

  • Insights on common challenges family caregivers face
  • Links to organizations that can provide support
  • A library of articles that address the practical aspects of caregiving

Caregiving expert Amy Goyer, author of Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving, helped to create the page’s content, which will be updated regularly. A passionate champion for caregivers, she has also been one her entire adult life, caring for her grandparents, parents, sister, and others.

Visit and bookmark HealthWell’s Family Caregivers web page at:

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