Mickey - Buffalo, NY

Michael "Mickey" Culligan portrait.

Hello, my name is Mickey and I am a disabled, 66 year-old who, over the years, developed chronic lung problems, allergies, and heart problems. I have Social Security benefits, Medicare and private health insurance. My medical condition recently required a prescriptive drug with an enormous copay, a charge someone…..anyone on Social Security couldn’t come close to affording.

Fortunately, my doctor knew of HealthWell, and recommended them as a possible answer to a real-life threatening problem. I contacted them, applied for help and, after answering a few questions along with providing them with needed documentation, I was approved for relief from my copay responsibilities.

HealthWell literally provided me with an answer to a possible life-threatening problem, a problem that has caused me to be hospitalized several times over the past few years. This summer, I’m planning a drive to Wisconsin to see my daughter and her family before continuing on to Glacier National Park to spend time camping in one of our nation’s premier vacation stops.

HealthWell enabled me to physically do something I could never have done without their assistance……..NEVER!

Mickey – Buffalo, NY

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