Joy - Athens, GA

Joy sitting outside.

“I wanted to let you know that HealthWell was there for me when I had nowhere else to turn.

In May 2015, I underwent a double mastectomy after precancerous cells were found in my breast tissue. The decision to have this surgery was not difficult for me – I had helped my sister-in-law through breast cancer, and I was willing to do whatever was needed to protect my health. What happened afterward, however, is something I would not wish on anyone.

Sadly, studies show that the majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer are not informed of their options for reconstruction at the time of a mastectomy. I was ushered right into breast implants. After four additional failed surgeries, I was left disfigured and in pain.

When I looked in the mirror, I did not see myself. I began to second guess all my decisions. My self-esteem went down. My productivity at work went down. My long-term relationship ended.

I had to get the implants out of my body and try another restorative option! Working in a public library system, I do not make much money and the cost of my insurance is high. I found a well-regarded breast restoration center in New Orleans, but it was out-of-network and cost prohibitive for me. I began doing research to see if I could find any organization that provided financial help to breast cancer patients in my predicament.

Understandably, the assistance that is out there is for people much more ill than I was. My various applications were all turned down, and I found myself in a very hopeless, precarious place. I felt like I was walking a tightrope without a net. After all the surgeries and almost claiming bankruptcy, I knew I needed talk therapy to deal with the trauma and the stress. I was able to go to a few therapy sessions but had to stop because I could no longer afford to pay my copayments. My pain was no longer just physical. I was at the end of my rope.

That is when I took one more chance and searched the internet for resources for financial assistance for cancer-related mental health issues and found HealthWell. I immediately called and a wonderfully positive and upbeat woman walked me through the easy application process, and I was approved. Finally, I felt like someone understood what I was going through – things really turned around for me that day.

To some people, a $2,000 grant may not seem like much, but it sure does to me. It has covered my out-of-pocket treatment-related costs for my new prescription drug, psychotherapy sessions, and even transportation. That little bit has made such a difference in my life! With renewed confidence and compassionate support, I was finally able to get the necessary microsurgery in New Orleans.

My friends and family now say to me “You’re back!” and they’re right! I am so grateful to all the generous people who support HealthWell and for all you’ve done for me.

Thank you!”

Joy – Athens, Georgia

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