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Joji, Orem, UT

Joji standing outside.

How do you say thank you to an angel? That’s what the HealthWell Foundation has been to me, and that’s why “thank you” doesn’t even begin to convey the depth of my gratitude. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for five years. When my doctor told me about a new therapy for RA, I finally felt real hope that it might change my life. Then I found out what it cost.

I’m a disabled widow living on a very modest fixed income. And even with my insurance coverage, the co-pay would simply have been too much. It seemed that change in my life might not be coming after all. That’s when I found out about something else. I found out about HealthWell.

From my very first call to HealthWell, I knew your organization was different.

Your agents were wonderfully kind and –– unlike other organizations –– not at all condescending.

They quickly approved a grant to enable me to receive the therapy, and it has indeed changed my life. I don’t mean just the medication –– although that has been very effective in treating my RA. I mean the breath of hope that HealthWell gave me, and that I know you’ve given to so many others.

I won’t ever be able to repay your kindness, but I hope that by sharing my story I’ll be able to help others in similar situations. “Thank you” won’t ever convey just how grateful I feel. But those words are a beginning –– so thank you, HealthWell.

Thank you so very much.

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