Jana - Pinon Hills, CA

Jana posing with goats and a donkey.

When I was 36, I was extremely active and lived to ride my road-racing motorcycle whenever I was not at work at a hospital. Almost overnight, I was crippled by aggressive RA, which I inherited from my grandpa. I spent the next 18 months in bed. Then a new medication came on the market and I was one of the first to receive it, since I still had health insurance. It worked miracles for me and I went out and bought a newer, lighter motorcycle and continued my passion.

As the years went by, I had to give up working and riding. The company that produces the medication could no longer help me with the copays. Back in bed I went. Then I was told about the HealthWell Foundation by my doctor, so I applied and qualified. Upon receiving their grant, I began to live life again.

I started a retirement home for down-on-their luck farm animals. I now live a much quieter and safer life tending to my herd. They are all rescues, but the truth is, they’ve rescued me by giving me a reason to give back and continue to live. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the HealthWell Foundation’s support. I received my copay card two weeks ago and got right back on the medication. I’m walking without the painful limp and have been focusing on the older animals that need the special help to live out their lives in more comfort. So, not only have I been given another chance, these animals are benefiting as well! The HealthWell Foundation is like a quiet angel that has beautiful angels who donate to them. I count all of you in my blessings everyday. I would have been in a wheelchair long ago if it weren’t for the kindness you give every day. Many, many thanks!”

Pinon Hills, CA