Next Steps

When a Patient is Approved

HealthWell allocates each patient a grant for assistance for a rolling 12 months. Patients or their providers may submit requests for reimbursement. HealthWell typically sends awards directly to the insurer, pharmacy, physician, or other provider. However, in some cases, it may send awards directly to patients to reimburse them for expenses they must pay themselves.

In other instances, patients may receive a HealthWell Pharmacy Card that they can take to their pharmacy when they fill their prescription. Most pharmacies can accept the card to pay the patient’s copayment at the time of dispensing. In these cases, no reimbursement is necessary. The HealthWell Pharmacy Card also works with specialty pharmacies and mail order services.

The HealthWell Foundation covers multiple medications under each of its funds to best meet the varying needs of our patients. Only treatments covered under the specific fund associated with the patient grant can be reimbursed by HealthWell. To find out if your treatment is covered by HealthWell, click here.

HealthWell also does not restrict the provider or pharmacy that the patient selects, and patients are free to change treatments, providers or pharmacies at any time without affecting his/her eligibility for assistance.

Please be sure to visit the Forms page to read our “Tips to Working Efficiently with HealthWell” and the “Grant Request Checklist” prior to submitting your grant application.

The HealthWell Foundation reserves the right to change its program in its entirety or with respect to any applicant at any time with or without notice.