Program Updates

A top priority for the HealthWell team is to ensure that each patient, provider, and pharmacy we serve experiences unprecedented customer service and accessibility to their grant information. In order to carry out this important mission, we continuously evaluate our program to determine where enhancements can be made. In 2016, we implemented several new features to assist those we serve in day-to-day management of their grant.

A few of the features we were proud to launch included:

  • Streamlining the pharmacy card process by adding instant pharmacy cards to almost all of our funds. Through this feature, pharmacy claims can be run at the point of grant approval. Patients now have immediate access to medications upon approval of their grant, with no lag time. Additionally, pharmacy card information can be verified real-time through our Pharmacy Card Lookup Tool.
  • Enhancing our Provider Portal to give providers the ability to complete and submit applications and re-enrollments on their patients’ behalf. Providers also receive instant grant approval and instant pharmacy card activation upon approval of the patient’s grant.
  • Launching a dedicated Pharmacy Portal to help pharmacies manage their patients with HealthWell grants. This dedicated portal also offers pharmacies the convenience of completing and submitting new and re-enrolling applications on their patients’ behalf and includes instant grant approval and instant pharmacy card activation.
  • Upgrading our hotline services to include a call-back feature to eliminate excess hold times during higher call volume periods.
  • Offering premium assistance. We now offer the option of copayment or premium assistance for most of our funds to provide options for assistance with treatment-specific cost shares.


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