Meet the Newest Members of HealthWell’s Corporate Team

Early last fall, we were honored to welcome two new members to the HealthWell family – Albert Mejia and Rob Hidalgo. I thought I’d share a little information about their respective roles and what inspired them to join the foundation. Learn about Albert and Rob!

Albert Mejia

Albert Mejia joined the team as Junior Accountant and provides support to the Foundation in the areas of accounting and financial oversight. He brings over 14 years experience as program supervisor for two local contact centers where he was responsible for management and supervision of day-to-day operations for multiple client programs.

Albert shared what inspired him to join the team. “As a result of working in the pharmaceutical and reimbursement industry for many years, I’ve gained firsthand experience interacting with patients from all walks of life. Having the opportunity to help patients, and having a direct impact on their well-being is not only a privilege, but an honor that I take seriously. It is absolutely humbling to be a member of the HealthWell family and I look forward to becoming an integral part of the Foundation’s continued growth.”

Rob Hidalgo

We were also honored to welcome Rob Hidalgo as Solutions Architect. Rob manages the ongoing operation, maintenance and upgrade of the Foundation’s grants management system (GMS) and works directly with the Foundation’s contact center and operations team to identify and prioritize GMS customization projects required to meet the needs of individuals accessing Foundation grants and services. Rob brings more than 12 years experience in client solutions technology, successfully launching patient care, customer support, and inside sales programs for medical device manufacturers, health care providers, and trade associations.

Rob tells us, “Having previously worked with the HealthWell Foundation as a consultant, I have long admired and respected its work in helping chronically-ill patients manage and treat the difficult conditions they face. I consider myself fortunate to work among a team of professionals who each contribute to an overwhelmingly positive workplace atmosphere and culture. As someone who has spent nearly 20 years serving in various roles within the health care industry, I am proud to be part of an organization that impacts so many lives in such a positive and meaningful way.”

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