Fund Updates and Program Enhancements

As a result of the continued generosity of our donors, we were able to launch or re-open more than 10 funds this quarter, including funds for patients living with autoimmune diseases, amyloidosis, bladder and urothelial cancer, carcinoid tumors, chemotherapy induced nausea or vomiting, colorectal carcinoma, cytomegalovirus disease, diabetic foot ulcers, fungal infections (aspergillosis and candidiasis), head and neck cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and iron overload as a result of blood transfusions.

In April, we were excited to unveil our new Real-time Fund Alerts, which provide instant notifications to allow patient, provider, and pharmacy portal users to track the status of HealthWell’s diverse portfolio of disease funds in real-time.

If you would like to receive these alerts, login to our patient, provider, or pharmacy portal and sign-up for Real-time Fund Alerts. Simply select the fund(s) you would like to monitor and you will receive instant notification(s) when the status of a fund changes. Note that you currently need to be logged into the portal to receive the alerts. Stay tuned for our enhanced alerts that will allow you to be notified by email, which we plan to launch later this year.