On the Road

This time of year is always busy for HealthWell as we prepare for and participate in multiple nationally recognized conferences. Through these events, we are able to educate patients, medical professionals, support groups, and patient advocacy groups about our programs and services. Developing mutually beneficial relationships with organizations that share our goal to make sure no one goes without critical medical treatments because they cannot afford them is paramount in providing those we serve with a full range of resources.

The last week in October, the team will be heading to Orlando, Florida to attend the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference (NACFC). We’re especially excited about this conference as we celebrate the one year anniversary of the launch of our cystic fibrosis fund. To date, we have been able to assist more than 4,000 insured cystic fibrosis (CF) patients with their out-of-pocket costs for treatment. This is a unique fund because we not only provide a financial lifeline for costs associated with treatment, but we are also able to provide assistance with the cost of vitamins, supplements, hypertonic saline solution, nebulizers paired with treatments, and certain handsets.

After our visit to sunny Orlando, we’ll be heading north to Boston for the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) Liver Meeting, to spread the word about our Hepatitis C Fund. Since launching the fund in May 2015, we have been able to provide financial assistance to over 1,300 patients living with Hep C who would otherwise forgo critical medical treatment due to cost. As a second year veteran of The Liver Meeting, we’re excited to be able to strengthen our relationships within the hepatitis community and expand our resources to further serve those in need.

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