COVID-19 Ancillary Costs Fund Closure

When HealthWell opened our COVID-19 Ancillary Costs Fund on March 17, we did so in an effort to do our part to help Americans during the largest public health crisis in a generation. It very quickly became one of our two busiest funds as measured by the number of new grant applicants approved per day. HealthWell ultimately contributed $2 million of its own cash resources to the fund, in addition to donations received from third parties. Due to the overwhelming response, we had to make the difficult decision to close the fund to new applicants.

While we are saddened to have to make this decision, we are honored to have been able to assist more than 8,300 patients and their families during the pandemic. We are hoping to secure additional donations for our COVID-19 Insurance Premium Payment Assistance Fund, allowing us to continue to support those affected by the current public health crisis.  We wish you continued safety and good health during this difficult time.

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