A Place to Call Home

HWF Direct Contact Center Location

Over the past few months, my team worked diligently to launch HWF Direct, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the HealthWell Foundation. Thanks to their tireless efforts, it is with tremendous excitement that we announce the opening of our very own Contact Center. Now, when calling our hotline for assistance, you’ll be speaking with a dedicated HealthWell team member. Our new contact center is located in near-by Frederick, Maryland and is home to more than 75 professional representatives.

In addition to opening the contact center, we are honored to have recently become a member of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.

“We’re thrilled to have the HealthWell Foundation join the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce,” said Rick Weldon, CEO and President of the Frederick Chamber. “The creation of the contact center and the over 75 jobs it brings to Frederick County would be reason enough to celebrate. Add to that the critical financial support provided by the HealthWell Foundation to patients suffering from chronic illness for mounting medical bills, and we have the perfect alignment of interests and needs. Relieving the burden of treatment costs from a patient and their family allows them to focus on getting well, and that’s a truly noble mission!”