b'HWF Direct, LLCForging Ahead: Compassionate, Responsive and Quality Care Since 2018, our dedicated contact center, HWF Direct, LLC, has had a mission to provide unparalleled, compassionate customer service through innovative cloud-based solutions and an empowered, dedicated staff. Our strength as a team sets us apart from other contact centers. Providing the highest quality customer service and ensuring that our specialists take the time needed to resolve caller issues within the first contact is our number one priority. As the need for HealthWells services continued to grow, we expanded our team with close to 50 new members in 2021. As a result of this growth, HWF Direct now consists of nearly 150 highly-trained, mission-driven professionals who serve as the first line of communication for those who reach out to us for assistance.More than 37,000 callers Our key performance metrics focus on providing compassionate, responsive, andassisted each monthquality care to each and every caller, and our high performance has been applauded by patients, providers and pharmacies. Actively managed over During 2021, our dedicated contact center team:185,400 grantsReceived 491,911 calls through our hotline while maintaining a call capture rate of 93.5%. Average monthly calls Maintained a 98% staff retention rate, with 95% of staff working remotely for thehandled by IVR: 17,826majority of 2021. Completed an organizational restructuring to reflect our patients journey and to ensure frontline staff have a support system of subject matter experts.Calls into hotline:491,911Promoted a Program Director and expanded our Leadership Team to support frontline staff.Streamlined multiple processes to improve our ability to provide a compassionate,Calls handled by compliant, and completely satisfactory experience for those we serve.specialists: 238,337Enhanced our Quality Assurance evaluation and auditing process. Created 186,438 grants (including withdrawn and cancelled grants1) via theAverage inbound call hotline, online applications, and portal.capture rate: 93.5%Responded to: 134,264 copay reimbursement/payment requests with an average processingAverage call talk time: time of less than seven business days.810 minutes 15,850 premium reimbursement/payment requests with an average processing time of less than three business days. 39,357 email questions/requests with same day response time. Completed over 3,918 internal audits/reviews of our handling of calls, payments, and other tasks, demonstrating that we are successfully meeting our internal standards for providing a compassionate, compliant, and completely satisfactory experience 93% of the time. 1. Creating a grant results in operational activity whether it is used, unused, cancelled, or withdrawn.HEALTHWELL FOUNDATION 2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 7'