b'AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2021AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2021Statement of Revenue andFinancial Position Expense SummaryAssets Expense RatiosCash and Cash Equivalents$ 105,746,465 Patient Grants and Services99.39%Investments 392,476,920 Management0.33%Interest Receivable and Other Assets702,521 Fundraising0.14%Pledges Receivable29,995,974 Education and Outreach0.13%Property and Equipment, net632,237Total Assets$ 529,554,117 RevenueDonations and Other Income$ 538,184,808Liabilities and Net Assets Investment Income$13,714,191 Liabilities Total Revenue$ 551,898,999 Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses$17,901,541Copayments and Premium ExpensesAssistance Payable7,178,295 Patient Grants and Services$ 625,887,689Deferred Rent158,574 Management$2,096,177Total Liabilities$25,238,410 Fundraising$871,663Education and Outreach$846,959Net Assets Total Expenses $ 629,702,488Unrestricted$59,689,288Temporarily Restricted 444,626,419Total Net Assets$ 504,315,707TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS$ 529,554,117 2021 ExpensesEducation & Outreach0.13% Fundraising0.14%Management0.33%Patient Grants and Services 99.39%PAGE 10 HEALTHWELL FOUNDATION 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'