b'HealthWell Foundation 2021 AchievementsThanks to individual and corporate contributions of $538,184,808 in 2021, the HealthWell Foundation provided financial assistance to 175,695 patients and reached the milestone of awarding 1,117,805 grants since 2004. We were proud to: Award $818,446,309 in medicationMaintain operational efficiency copayment and insurance premiumby programming our grants with an assistance through 185,493 grants 1tooverhead rate of 2.61% foundation-underinsured Americans. wide, while never using any donor Launch a HealthWell-sponsoreddollars to pay administrative fees.COVID-19 Frontline Health CareLaunch a Spanish-language Workers Behavioral Health Fund,application, expand content on our providing grants of up to $2,000 toEspaol page, and create a new version assist frontline health care workersof our Disease Funds list in Spanish.in covering their out-of-pocketIncrease our social media presence, treatment-related copayments forgrowing our online audience to over prescription drugs, counseling services,9,800 followers, resulting in over 3.2 psychotherapy, and transportationmillion impressions, almost 33,000 needed to manage COVID-19 relatedengagements, and over 16,100 clicks.behavioral health issues.Provide financial assistance toIncrease our Real World Health Care 1,174 children living with chronic orblog following to 18,879 users and 25,691 page views.life-altering conditions through the HealthWell Pediatric Assistance Fund. Spread our message nationally with Assist 134 oncology patients seekingdozens of alliance partners, resulting in close to 684 million media impressions behavioral health services through ourfrom placements in major news outlets.Cancer-Related Behavioral Health Fund.Welcome David F. Ertel to the Strengthen the diversity and numberFoundations Board of Directors.of our individual donor base to over 63,500 donors with more than 17,000Enhance our staff with the addition of giving in 2021. two new corporate team members.1. Some eligible patients receive grants through more than one fund during the year.HEALTHWELL FOUNDATION 2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 5'