b'Health Care Access and Cost Issues Emerged as COVID Waned: HealthWell Foundation Continued to Forge AheadAs we imagine a world without COVIDwithout cancer, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis and other chronic and life-altering illnesseswe know that tens of thousands of underinsured Americans still need our help every day. These individuals are your family, friends, and co-workers. They teach your children, staff your favorite stores and restaurants, protect your communities, and care for you when youre sick or need help. They are the reason why HealthWell will continue to forge ahead in our mission to help the underinsured access critical medicalAdults who are in worse health are twice as likely treatmentsbecause no one should go without essential carethan those with better health to delay or go without because they cannot afford it. care due to cost reasons.Toward the close of 2021, Americans reported a growing struggleSource: Peterson-KFF Health System Trackerto pay for health care. In fact, 30 percent polled in a 2021 survey did not seek treatment for a health problem due to its cost. As the acuteness of the COVID-19 pandemic began to wane, thousands in the country still felt its impact every day, in new38 million Americans (15%) said they had greater infections, hospitalizations, and the relentless toll of losing friendsdifficulties paying for health care in 2021 due to the and loved ones. And while our economy started to get back onpandemic.track, some businesses couldnt recover, leaving laid-off employees scrambling to afford basic necessities, including health care. Source: West Health-Gallup 2021 Healthcare in America ReportDespite over 90 percent of the U.S. population having health insurance, the steadily increasing cost-sharing burdens people must bear are driving them into financial distress. In 2021, nearly30 percent of Americans are concerned about being half (47%) of insured adults reported difficulty affording their out- unable to pay for prescription drugs.of-pocket costs, and one in four (27%) reported difficulty affordingSource: West Health-Gallup 2021 Healthcare in America Reporttheir deductible. Among Medicare beneficiaries, more than five million struggled to afford prescription medications. For people with a chronic illness, even small copays and other cost- Roughly 20% of US households report having sharing expenses can accumulate to unaffordable amounts, especiallymedical debt.since most households savings are less than the maximum out-of-pocket limit allowed for most private insurance plans. Source: Consumer Financial Protection BureauWe understand far too well what happens when people are forced to make hard decisions between affording medical treatments and paying daily living expenses. We understand what happens to their families and their futures when they are forced to declare bankruptcy. That is why we feel so fortunate to make a difference in their livesto forge ahead with our mission in even the bleakest of times.PAGE 2 HEALTHWELL FOUNDATION 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'