b'Who We Assist - The Lives We Touched in 2021Age Breakdown Household Size Breakdown8%under 35|3%35-49|11%50-64|78%65+32%One person (58,466)Marital StatusGender56%Two people 47% Single 54%Female(104,250)53%Married46%Male 5%Three people (9,564)Top 10 States Assisted7%Four or more people (12,402)Florida|Texas|California|Ohio|New York Pennsylvania|North Carolina|Georgia Illinois|Tennessee Household Income Breakdown $33,000 Median Household IncomeTop Five Disease States43%of patients household income is under $30,000By Grant Approval Volume $30,000 was 172% of the FPL for a household of 2Hypercholesterolemia16% Post Menopausal Osteoporosis 62%of patients household income is under14%Multiple Myeloma $40,00013%$40,000 was 230% of the FPL for a household of 2 8% Prostate Cancer 5% Pulmonary Hypertension84%of patients household income is under $60,000$60,000 was 344% of the FPL for a household of 2Referral SourcesPharmacy 35% Greatest Need28%Provider/Physician/Nurse/AdvocateReimbursement Support Line/Manufacturer85% of patients need up to $7,70010%Another Copay Foundation (Patient 10% of patients need $8,900+10%Assistance Program)Average grant amount in 20215% Case Manager/Social Worker $3,2183% Disease-Specific Non-Profit/Patient 2% Proportion of assistance requests for premiumSupport Organization 3% Patient/Family Member/Caregiver 37,691Monthly average number of calls handled3% Other 2% Website/Web Search1% Private Insurer (i.e., BCBS, United)PAGE 6 HEALTHWELL FOUNDATION 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'