Diseases and Medications

The HealthWell Foundation assists people dealing with a variety of disease states and medications. Below is a list of the disease states we support and the medications we cover. Please note that this list is subject to change, depending on funding at any given time. Also, we are always seeking new funding to support additional disease states, so please check our site often for an updated list.


Open Funds

The following funds are open to new and re-enrolling patient applications. You may start the application process through our online service or by calling the HealthWell Foundation at 800-675-8416 to determine eligibility. Customer service representatives are available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time.

Closed Funds

As a charity, HealthWell relies solely on donations to keep funds open. Please know that closing any fund at any time is a heartbreaking decision for us and one we do not make or accept easily. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have enough funding to keep up with demand; therefore the following funds are currently closed to new and re-enrolling patient applications. However, we continue to manage existing grants. If you have already been approved for a grant this year, please continue to submit for reimbursement and access your grant. It is always our goal to keep funds open, so please continue to refer to this listing as these funds may re-open in the future.

Medications List

The HealthWell Foundation covers multiple medications under each of its funds to best meet the varying needs of our patients. HealthWell can only reimburse for treatments covered under the specific disease fund associated with the patient’s grant. To find out if your treatment is covered by HealthWell, please type the name of your medication below and the disease fund(s) under which it is covered will be provided.

We are constantly evaluating our processes to best serve our customers. In our ongoing efforts to help as many patients as possible – especially as we anticipate growing need in the coming months – we have revised our reimbursement policy.

Minimum Reimbursement Amount

HealthWell has always had a minimum dollar requirement in place for reimbursement requests. For most HealthWell funds, the minimum reimbursement amount is $5.00. However, HealthWell allows for reimbursement requests to be combined, and if the combined amount of the requests meets or exceeds $5 (or the applicable minimum reimbursement amount) then such combined amount may be eligible for reimbursement.

About HealthWell’s Funding

Where does HealthWell get its funding? HealthWell receives donations from a number of sources in and outside of the health care industry, including pharmaceutical manufacturers and other health care organizations and individuals who are touched by the work we do.

The vast majority of our funding for the various disease states we support comes from pharmaceutical manufacturers concerned about patient access to care. Their generous donations allow us to assist patients, like you, in starting or continuing your treatment or therapy regardless of which medication your physician prescribes, which physician you see, or what pharmacy you use. The HealthWell Foundation is entirely independent and is not controlled or influenced by any of its donors. As generous as our donors are, not all manufacturers participate in copayment assistance programs like HealthWell. Without full participation from all manufacturers, patient need and strong demand can quickly deplete even the most generous of donations. It’s important to know that closing any fund at any time is an extremely difficult decision for us and one we do not make or accept easily. We work tirelessly to streamline our program to ensure the maximum amount of each donation gets directly to patients while at the same time identifying new donors to support our program so we can be there for patients when they need us the most.

Did you know that you can help strengthen our funding? If you are looking for assistance with a medication and it is not listed on HealthWell’s website, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer to alert them to the situation and encourage them to contact HealthWell.