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Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Fund

The Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Fund is designed to assist eligible people living with cystic fibrosis with cost-shares associated with FDA approved CF-specific treatments and some related treatments.

Treatments covered requiring the patient’s insurance to cover or pay first:

Acetylcysteine solutionKalydecoSymdeko
AccuNebMucomyst (10% & 20%)Tobi Podhaler
Albuterol (Solution or HFA)NebcinTobramycin
CaystonOrkambiVentolin (Solution or HFA)
CombiventPertzyeVoSpire ER
CreonProair Xopenex
DuoNebProventil (Solution or HFA)Xopenex HFA
Hypertonic Saline Solution or Hyper-Sal or Sodium Chloride (3, 7, and 10% HTS)PulmosalZenpep
Ipratropium combine with AlbuterolPulmozyme

Covered Nebulizer Handsets

Hudson T Up-draft II HandsetPARI LC Plus Handset
PARI Baby HandsetPARI PEP Handset
PARI eRapid Nebulizer HandsetPARI Sprint Handset

NOTE: All nebulizer systems and handset reimbursements must go through HealthWell’s paper claim process.

Other Covered Paired Nebulizer Systems

Altera Nebulizer Systemi


iHealthWell covers nebulizer systems (compressor + handset) where a covered product can only be delivered using that system. In all other cases, HealthWell is able to assist with handset replacements.

HealthWell is committed to supporting the CF Community and the established guidelines around our covered product list are meant to focus on the areas of greatest need for the majority of people living with CF. We understand there are additional areas to be addressed and, over time, it is our hope to be able to expand our coverage even further.

As an independent, non-profit organization, HealthWell works closely with many advocacy groups associated with the funds we manage, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. While we may seek their insight related to some aspects our CF program, the decisions are ultimately ours.

The following products have already been considered by HealthWell and, at this time, are not covered under the fund. We periodically reconsider coverage for these products; any changes to the list of covered products will be made available through our website at

Treatments already considered and NOT currently covered:

Advair DiskusMucinex
Antibiotics (e.g., Zyvox and Doxycycline)Pantoprazole
BactrimPari eRapid Nebulizer System (Compressor)
BenefiberPari LC Sprint Sinus Reusable Nebulizer with Nasal Adapter
BrovanaPari Sinus Pulsating Aerosol Compressor System
Feosol Complete IronQvar, Qvar 80
Filters for Pari Vios PRO, PRONeb Ultra, and SinuStarSidestream Nebulizer (Compressor)
Flintstone MultivitaminSymbicort
GatoradeUdo Blend 3, 6, 9
HeliosVibra Lung Airway
Homeopathic Treatment (e.g., herbal teas)Zyrtec
Materials (e.g., feeding tubes and diabetic supplies)