Pharmacy Card

Once a patient is approved in a fund, we can begin reimbursing for dates of service and prescription fill dates falling within the enrollment period.

Some patients may receive a HealthWell Pharmacy Card in their approval letter.

For patients with a HealthWell Pharmacy Card, you would run the claim through ALL OTHER INSURANCES FIRST, then run the claim using the HealthWell Pharmacy Card. All payments are handled electronically, if you have any technical questions or concerns, you can call the Pharmacy Card Helpdesk at (855) 326-9533.

Why do you need to run other insurances first? HealthWell is the payer of last resort and we require the Coordination of Benefits (COB) code 8 to ensure the patient’s grant is accessed appropriately. As all our grants are capped, once that capped amount is reached, the patient cannot receive further assistance until they re-enroll for the next calendar year. By running the HealthWell card first, you run the risk of burning through the patient’s grant prematurely. Without our assistance, the patient may have to stop therapy altogether.

For patients who do not receive a HealthWell Pharmacy Card, you have the option of direct billing with HealthWell. This is helpful for many patients who cannot pay up front and wait for reimbursement. To direct bill with us, you simply complete a Reimbursement Request Form and submit it with the documentation as outlined on the form.

You can also monitor patient grant activity using our secure Provider Portal or Pharmacy Portal.