Get Reimbursed

Once a patient is approved in a fund, we can begin reimbursing for dates of service and prescription fill dates falling within the enrollment period.

For patients who do not receive a HealthWell Pharmacy Card, you have the option of direct billing with HealthWell. This is helpful for many patients who cannot pay up front and wait for reimbursement. To direct bill with us, you simply complete a Reimbursement Request Form and submit it with the documentation as outlined on the form.

In order for patient grants to remain active, we must receive the first complete reimbursement request within 120 days of the date on their approval letter, and continue to receive a complete reimbursement request at least every 120 days. After 120 days of inactivity on a grant (i.e., no payment activity), the grant will close.  If the grant closes, you may still submit eligible payments requests, however, we cannot guarantee funding will be available and payment made.

HealthWell kindly asks that payment requests be submitted to us within 120 days from the date of service. After 120 days, HealthWell will consider payment on a case-by-case basis depending on circumstances relative to the delay.

Minimum Reimbursement Amount

HealthWell has always had a minimum dollar requirement in place for reimbursement requests. For most HealthWell funds, the minimum reimbursement amount is $5.00. However, HealthWell allows for reimbursement requests to be combined, and if the combined amount of the requests meets or exceeds $5 (or the applicable minimum reimbursement amount) then such combined amount may be eligible for reimbursement.