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Welcome to the HealthWell Foundation. We are a leading player in creating access to health care and addressing the ongoing and growing challenge of the underinsured. Our vision is to ensure that no patient, adult or child, goes without essential medical treatments because they cannot afford them.

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    Summary of OIG Guidance and the HealthWell Foundation
     Summary of OIG
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Real World Health
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Download a copy of HealthWell’s Whitepaper: When Health Insurance Is Not Enough: How Charitable Copayment Assistance Organizations Enhance Patient Access to Care

Quick Facts About the Underinsured

  • Approximately 31 million Americans are underinsured and cannot afford the medications they need.
  • A person is considered underinsured if out-of-pocket health care costs exceed ten percent of their income or if one’s insurance deductible is more than five percent of their income.
  • 51 percent of underinsured adults report problems with medical bills or debt.
  • 44 percent of underinsured adults do not get needed care because of cost.
  • Half of underinsured adults with high deductibles have debt loads of $4,000 or more.
  • Demand for copayment assistance is expected to increase as more uninsured get health insurance through the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (ACA).

To learn more about the underinsured, download “Underinsurance in America” from our press kit.

Why HealthWell

  • Since 2004, HealthWell has awarded more than $500 million in copayment assistance and helped more than 225,000 patients afford their medications.
  • In 2015, HealthWell awarded more than $115.8 million in grants.
  • HealthWell manages a diverse portfolio of funds, adding new funds whenever possible. Click here for a current fund list.
  • HealthWell has established relationships with more than 40 advocacy groups, health care organizations and medical specialty societies.
  • Patients may apply for a grant online or through HealthWell’s toll free automated phone system.
  • HealthWell is governed by an independent Board of Directors that includes professionals in the fields of health care administration, clinical practice and research, direct patient care, patient advocacy and health law.

Grant recipient, Amber, shares her HealthWell story on NPR

“Every year my company changes the insurance. And instead of giving us three different choices for insurance plans, they were changing to one, which was a high-deductible plan with no prescription coverage,” she said. Amber tells NPR her HealthWell story.

Amber with child