Cause Marketing Partners

We would like to thank our cause marketing partners – HealthWell Heroes – for sharing our vision of ensuring that no patient, adult or child, goes without essential medical treatments because they cannot afford them and for making that vision a reality.

HealthWell Welcomes New Partner:



Why Partner with the HealthWell Foundation?

The world over, consumers agree: Improving the quality of health care is a top priority.* By becoming a HealthWell Hero, your company can make a life-changing impact on America’s insured, but at risk adults and children in their darkest hour when faced with a medical emergency. Together, we can improve access to proper medical care regardless of ability to pay. Our cause marketing partners can strategically engage consumers, who are actively seeking brands and companies that positively impact our world.

As one of America’s leading health charities, the HealthWell Foundation works with an extensive network of providers, advocates, pharmacies, patient advocacy groups and health care corporations as well as patients and families across the country who benefit from our services. Thanks to our supporters, we have assisted 200,000 people – family members, colleagues, neighbors, and friends. With new and innovative cause marketing partnerships, we can help so many more.

Together we can create a brand-right cause-related marketing program designed to build your company’s reputation and loyalty while generating support and visibility for the HealthWell Foundation. As we assist more than 20,000 callers each month, our reputation is rapidly growing.

At the HealthWell Foundation, we believe our strength lies within our patients and families, who are our most ardent and vocal supporters. Our patients willingly share their intimate stories, which resonate strongly and widely. For many, only with HealthWell can they transform their personal health tragedies, one by one, into hope.

We invite you to contact us to learn more today.


*Edelman, 2012 GoodPurpose Study,, slide #3.