Emergency Cancer Relief Fund Coming Soon

“I was diagnosed with cancer and did not know how I could afford to save my life.” – Alice, Reynoldsburg, OH

This is a story that we hear too often. No one is ever ready for a cancer diagnosis. On top of the devastating news, the reality of the cost of care can be overwhelming. People living with cancer are faced with life and death decisions when it comes to being able to afford their medications, treatments, and day-to-day expenses. HealthWell believes that no one should ever have to wonder if they can afford to save their own life. To address this acute need and to relieve some of the financial burden these patients face, HealthWell is seeking donations to launch our first-ever Emergency Cancer Relief Fund (ECRF).

Providing Immediate Financial Relief to Cancer Patients

Providing assistance to people with cancer has always been a HealthWell priority. Through our 20 plus oncology funds, HealthWell has awarded over $140 million in assistance to more than 70,000 individuals living with cancer. The Emergency Cancer Relief Fund was created specifically to help people with expenses not covered under our current fund structure to ensure that oncology patients have access to the financial resources they need to recover. Through ECRF, we will be able to expand services to even more cancer patients who have no other options and nowhere to turn.

Through ECRF, we will be able to lend a helping hand so these patients can focus on their fight to get better and not fight with medical bills. The Fund will assist patients covered under Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and employer-sponsored plans with incomes up to 400 or 500 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Historically, our grants have assisted patients in accessing timely and life-sustaining treatments through product copay and premium assistance. In response to current trends and increased patient demand, our goal is to expand support beyond traditional copayment fund parameters in order to better assist patients in their journey back to good health. Expanded support will now include:

  • One time grants to assist in minimizing patient medical debt related to their treatment (e.g., hospital and provider bills)
  • Special assistance to help patients get back to living and reduce the financial burden (e.g., supportive/restorative care)
  • Assisting patients with immediate out-of-pocket expenses associated with treatment (e.g. office visits, lab work)

Join us and be part of the solution. Your donation today will help us make this fund a reality and ease the financial burden for Americans living with cancer.